Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"from now on your troubles will be miles away" - quiet company

goodness. where have i been??
buuuuuuuuuuuusy with these:
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i've begun to cozy up this house of ours

1. teapot we got for a wedding gift
2. cookie jar that's waiting for these.
3. silhouette made after watching this lovely lady on her television debut.
4. izze bottle from a certain momma-o-mine's birthday celebration
5. the new most perfect shade of yellow/khaki/beige walls ever

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1. schemeing up something fierce for winter card mailings
2. awaiting amy butler cotton
3. a handsome attempt at crocheting a winter hat for "little" and his yummy ears.
4. the perfect plaid pj's sewn for my soul-cousin
5. comment treats!! they will be on their way soon. maybe along with those fab winter cards i was talking about. i did not forget. i'm just trying to track down an elf that can cut metal. any tips?
6. happiness in a red recycled cup.
7. my beauty of a sewing gal that is nearing her first birthday.

i am having so much fun with the "handmade pledge" that i took. i am up to my chin in courderoy, modge podge, yarn, my favorite cotton prints, the prettiest papers and oh! my heart is full.
i love this season. besides the obvious reflection on christ, and life and all that i am blessed with and thankful for, i love the crisp air, the hustle and bustle, picking the right treasure for the right person. i love the gift wrap, the twinkling lights, the warm drinks. i love warm sockies, flickering peppermint candles and countdown calendars. i love the memories of people from seasons passed. a grandpa with bags of shiny boxes, catching a shuttle to kiss the cheek of a granny i miss dearly, and silly boys that have held my heart. i love this season.
lucas and i are hopping a jet plane back to the "heart-land" this weekend. to a place where mittens and scarves are necessity. where my momma has a menu of good-ness waiting to fill our bellies. where a little girl named pretzel has begun to grow into her smarty-pants and i hope she remembers my face.
take care, my loves. let your hearts be light,


  1. Wow, Lin. I can't wait to come see your place in person. Well, really I can't wait to come see you. That does look like a perfect beige/yellow wall. And I love the Amy Butler bird. Crafty crafty.

  2. Linds.. your so fun, could you just spill some of your creativity over onto me?? Are you really in town?? Lets play, Im gonna call you!

  3. ok heres me leaving you a comment.
    but i left one on your newest post. im going to take a picture of our new urban outfitters rug, its huge and deliciously beautiful. also a pic of pres's newhaircut
    sending artichokes lovin your way.
    tell luc nanny misses him