Monday, April 23, 2007

"go on little girl... feet twirl... go and make him smile" -ryan adams

so...we finally watched "the secret" the other night. all of us girls sat down to find out what "the secret" really was. i've been seeing a mailbox full of pretty packages everytime i go to the mailbox. so as that i might see it true. when i kept finding junk mail day after day... i decided to do something about it. started ordering things. patterns, fabric, crafters creations, gifts, books... and they've started to arrive! it would have been alot funner if these treats had just surprised me and appeared in the mailbox everyday - but it's still pretty fun and i now consider myself a "secret" professional. i ordered the retro rocket kids fabric that i've been looking at since before luc was born. when it started disappearing on my fabric sites i decided that it was time to get myself a piece before it was discontinued. i finally found it at this obscure...strange website...but it's so cool! i already cut it into squares for the boy quilt i'm making and then made the scraps into toy bags for lucas's animal collection. the little space boys look just like my silly lucas dude. i love it. the quilt top is complete. it didn't take as long and i thought! now the tricky part. to put the back on...quilt it...and edge. i've never done that before. anyone out there that can help??

i had so much fun making these little toy bags. i made two and i think they will look so cute hanging on pegs in luc's room. if we ever get his room back. i love to see him drag them around the house. he's got quite the collection of animals so far. he's learning their names and their sounds.
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next, i ordered this pattern from amy butler. i am in love with the nappy bag i made from her pattern and i'm so excited to finish this one. i've got the lovely fabric pieces cut out and will start sewing tomorrow, i think. (i spy with my little eye...someones toes!)
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lucas and i ventured to salt lake with gina today to sort out her dress fiasco. such a sweet girl, that gina. i would so be pulling my hair out by now. she just said,"you know...this time next week, i'll be married and that's all that really matters" i miss that anticipation. the week before the wedding. sorting out the final details. the curiosity of what life will be like as his wife and getting to know him in a whole new way. the very beginning of such a fun wild adventure. she looked so pretty in her dress. she'll be such a lovely bride. jessie flies in this week and i was thinking that's it's been like 5 years since we've all been in the same room together. almost exactly 8 years since jess and lace and i took a trip in the honda our hands waving out the sunroof all the way to provo. we celebrated my birthday together and bought our silver rings knowing that things were going to change for us. and change they have.

lucas and i have been on a little adventure of our own. i'm feeling a bit guilty for wanting to wean him when it is very obvious that he is not ready. he won't eat "big boy" food - and i'm sure that it is just in protest. our nights have been so nutty. it's almost like he is nursing more now during the night than he was before?? i tried introducing him to a milk bottle. he thinks it's hilarious. what a fun game!
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yeah, try giving him that same funny bottle in the middle of the night. a really fun game. and poor andrey has to go to work at 6 in the morning after our nightly chaos. i feel even worse when i finally give in to my wailing baby and nurse him back to sleep cause he's so sweet and cuddles right back up to me. advice anyone??
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i hope you all are happy and well. send me some love...i'll be checkin' my mailbox!
love, lin


  1. um, where are my rice krispies lindsay walking trumpet.

  2. Advice??? You aren't going to like it. The only thing that has worked with us is "cold turkey" and DON'T GIVE IN!!!!!!!! It is so hard but I promise that within a few will be okay. A 1 year old brain doesn't remember that far behind where they are now and after a while, they forget. Tyce is completely off the bottle. And his bottle was like a binki to him. We cut him down to 2 a day for a couple weeks then none at all. It was hard for the first couple days and then we were all good.

    Take this advice as you will...but I don't see any other way! Good luck!

    Did you say Jessie is going to be in town? I will send her an e-mail. I just have to see her while she is here!!

    Love you!

  3. Hey your blog is neat. My mom started feeding me coca-cola classic and soon I was just drinking out of the can. Maybe that would work with Lucas.
    Also, go take the quiz about history on my blog and refer anyone else you know to it, it's really fun- and I'm lonely.
    On second thought don't let Lucas have soda, I think it might have stunted my growth and I want him to be big and strong not scrawny. Tell Christine I love her and Andrey too- tell Jeff: Hi!

    I'll see you in my nightmares
    but I'll see you in my dreams.
    I might live a thousand years,
    before I know what that means.
    -Neil(the thrill)Young

  4. Lin I miss everyone there- tell them, I'll wait..........

    Now tell steen to get home fast so i can come see lucas.

    PS You can study for my quiz first but it's only 1% of your grade youre already a 97 in my book.

  5. Tough one. In the end I know parents who do it both ways and as long as compassion is the motivating factor, it will work out just fine. Nobody knows what a 1 year old brain does or doesn't remember. Either way, a 20-something-year-old brain remembers for a long time.

  6. Hi girl! The weaning process was scary for me too, so unknown. My babe weaned himself at 17 months. I gave him vanilla soymilk because it is sweet like breastmilk. I would keep a bowl with ice and water next to the bed to keep the milk cold at night. He would wake up and say "milk mama please?" and I would hand it to him. Still a lot of work, but it was a transition instead of cold turkey. He refused a bottle and had trouble with a sippy cup for a while, but got the hang of it. He also wouldn't eat baby food or baby cereal, he went straight to solids. Well hope that helps, have fun!

  7. the only solution - you have mag come and stay with you and she keeps your baby in the other room as he cries for you for a couple of nights. you have to be comitted to really going through with it...we did a few "trial runs" and must not have been ready will cry more than your baby's an emotional deal, not really about food at all..don't forget to pump a little or you will die.

  8. I just started subsituting during the day with a bottle so I didn't hurt myself and so that Melia wouldn't be sad.:) but the first night that I let her cry herself to sleep and not go and get her to feed her in the middle of the night, was absolutly the worst thing ever. I ended up crying myself to sleep but I knew that it was best for her, she needed to learn how to soothe herself. Good luck, this mommy stuff is terribly emotional and hard. but I do agree with having Mag come and save the day too :)

  9. by the way this is Maren :)

  10. Okay, you know me and all my babies and all I have to say is you never get this time back, no one can tell you what is right for your family and you may not feel like being a nurse til' two kind of gal but none of mine were ready at one. A couple of months seems to make a big difference though, all of mine weaned themselves at about 15 months, or I guess you could say we did it together gradually, I don't know what they remember but I know their little spirits remember the feelings or trauma, that's what you're made of when you grow up, I feel for you because just a few months ago we were going through the same thing all you want in life is a good nights sleep, GOOD LUCK!