Tuesday, September 3, 2013


lucas is on to week two of back-to-school and was soooo looking forward to getting his library card today. he'd scoped out the star wars section in the school library last week and was anxious to check-out ALL OF THEM. and today gavin and i went to explore his pre-school, meet with his teachers, learn about his new friends and find the hook with his name on it where he'll be hanging his elephant back-pack. 

he's "excited! not nervous!" 
ask me how i feel tomorrow when i send him off for a realsies. 

last monday we had our annual back-to-school sundae bar. it's officially tradition. and officially my favorite. i love that it's simple. that i can dress it up as much as i'd like to - or not. i love that they remember that it's coming and look forward to it just as much as i do. 

we filled our darby smart dino jars with the same ingredients we've used years before. kindness, bravery, obedience, happiness and last but certainly not least... we sprinkled the tops with a whole lotta love. my favorite part of the whole night is letting andrey tell them the things he wishes for them this school year and most importantly how much they matter to us.  it was especially exciting that we were celebrating gavin this time around, too. 

i must tell you that the hour before we sat down at the table together was nuts. they were whiney and grouchy and teasing each other. there were a few time-out's and a "get to your room!" and really - i was about to call the entire evening off. but isn't that how it always goes?!

we pulled it together. 
and i'm so glad. because we had a magical night at our kitchen table. listening to their little/big boy thoughts and worries, while we shared our hearts and sweet treats. there was even a little brotherly advice from lucas jude to go around.

i love these boys.
and can't wait to see what they do with this year.