Monday, June 24, 2013

insert here: every patty griffin lyric ever written

i think i forgot how to write here. 
that or i'm afraid that once i start to type... i won't be able to stop.
that it will just pour out of my heart and guts.

that would bring so much relief.
but it would also tell the truth.
that day - that rain.
it was so heavy.
it pounded, pounded, pounded down.
and i stood on our porch and i watched those boys.
fearless and happy. really truly happy.
and i cried big hot and heavy tears.
and my heart thundered and pounded and swelled and ached.
and i never ever ever want to forget it.  


  1. It is hard to write sometimes, isn't it? Love this.

  2. funny how sometimes there is so much to say and just really no way to.

    yes to that photo, yes to patty griffin lyrics, yes to a heart swelling and aching and pounding with moments of pure being. because that. is. the. point.


  3. I know that feeling of forgetting how to write. And of not wanting to forget. This picture is perfect.