Wednesday, December 7, 2011

gift stitching/swapping.

as with most things that i do - i procrastinated until the VERY last minute to get my swap gifts together. i signed up for the freshly picked + ardor gift swap back in october. and didn't get started until the night before they needed to hit the post office. 

lucas helped with the fabric picking and that ended up being my favorite part. i don't love the actual sewing quite as much as i love the planning, picking and purchasing. running the linens and crisp cottons through my fingers. once i got going though, i remembered what it felt like to make something. i didn't love them that night. in fact i almost threw them in the garbage. (this is an effect of manic late night sewing sessions) but i loved them in the morning.  i love the texture these pretty little things have. the hemp. the wood. the tiny 'x' sewing on the button. i really really love them. 

danyelle shared her packaging stash with me. lucky, huh. and i used my favorite olive manna stamp on the front of her paper bags. a little swatch of gold striped washi tape and these were on their way. happy? yes! 

my machine is still out on the kitchen table. like the old, old days. crossing projects off my long list of stitching to-do's. using up fabric that i've been hoarding in galvanized buckets for years. making things for our cozy christmas house and some things for gift-giving-away. any requests? get 'em in now. not sure how long this sewing binge will last. 

one of my swap partners (who also just happens to be a dear friend + neighbor) was asking me how i learned to sew. i was pregnant with lucas and had just discovered amy butler's beautiful fabrics. a diaper bag was made with the help of my mom on an old borrowed machine. a year or so later i discovered my friends jen way, leslie keatingallyson hill, and the blog wee wonderful's. i was so inspired! andrey gifted me my pretty machine that christmas and i would sit down in the basement and stitch away while the rest of the house slept. i'd listen to some of the early brandi carlile in my head phones while my machine hummed along. with fabric picked on shopping trips with ashlee and our baby boys. obsessed with the look of my top stitch. it was calming. and happy. 


  1. stopped over from kersey's page to say that i love these bags!

  2. well if you're taking orders...i've got a few!! HAHA You are so creative. I wish my kids hadn't broken my backstitch lever...

  3. Ummmmm. There is nothing like a day that ends with a new creation. Don't know what it is. I just love it. Pretty, graphic, simple. I love your combos. Happy gifting.

  4. your swap partner is lucky lucky....

  5. Tiffany's comment:

    "I wish my kids hadn't broken my backstich..."

    Funny and revealing in SO many ways!

    Lovely little swapper gifts!

  6. Such lucky swap friends you have :)

  7. can you throw these in a giveaway on your blog!? :) pleeease - love them

  8. Those clutches are so beautiful. When I saw photos on the webs of them, I'm sad to say I was a little bummed that we weren't in the same group. I love everything I was gifted, but those clutches speak my language. :)