Monday, July 26, 2010

baby nest

baby three will be here soon.
well… not soon enough in the pregnant count down.
but if i look at the calendar with a get-things-done perspective: 
i’m running out of time.

30 weeks pregnant with lucas jude:   full,  decked out nursery
30 weeks pregnant with gavin west:  clothes washed in dreft, carseat on order

baby three has a small drawer in my dresser filled with a few special treasures.
i’m anxious to make him a little nest.

baby nest

my mom says:  he’s going to be a wanderer -he’ll have an adventurous heart.
and all of the things i’ve found for him so far have this sweet earthy feel to them.
i love him so much already.
baby three is going to have a little spot in our bedroom.
and i’ve been imagining his sweet space.

i’ve got a little list:
1. this print above his bassinet called – the proud one
2. a cozy crocheted snuggle blankie
3.  mr. small - robot pillow
4. i + love + you wooden teether
5. reggae man – bob tee
6. the portland baby booties
7. the argington “bam” bassinet
8. a dachshund
9. a travelling bus suit – to satisfy his wanderlust for a bit

now all this boy needs is a name.


  1. i love that you have a fashion spread for this lucky son. cindy p. has a great baby name book that might have some earthy names if you want to explore. But I love the name you mentioned at the river, too. :)

  2. Love the bassinet. So clean and so an all boy sort of way ;)

    Oooh, I can't wait to hear his name and how it flows with those cute brothers of his. Lucas, Gavin, and....?

    Holy cats, you only have 10 weeks left? It's amazing how quickly a pregnancy flies by when I'm not the one who is pregnant ;)

  3. you already know my name choice.

  4. I feel ya my sista!
    This is all coming really fast.
    I have some very wonderful treasures for you and your baby.....they are coming soon...promise...I am patiently waiting for my husband to finish his work upstairs so I can get back in and finish it.
    I am very excited to send this package away.....I have faith that it will arrive at the right time!

  5. you always find the best baby treats. i think i love the blanket the most.

  6. #5 is my favorite.

    I have had more baby name ideas but didn't want to inundate you. I think I will keep emailing them.

    If only I could figure out a name for his cousin. She is debuting in about a month and I am still lost.

  7. you are so creative linds-- i LOVE all the cute boy stuff you have picked out. :) all boys are adventerous-- and you have 3! so your life will be one awesome adventure!:) can't wait to see him--- dont forget to rest among all this planning. :)

  8. this post makes me so very happy. not because i need any more little ones added to this house of boys, but because i love that you are having your 3rd. i love that everything is "earthy". i love that a special space is on your mind. i really love the bob marley tee. i am just incredibly excited for this little man to arrive. only 10 weeks! you can do it!

  9. oh, baby three, you are loved.
    i can hardly wait to hold you. when your name comes, it will be YOUR name.

  10. p.s. do you think that bus suit comes in Chuck's size?

  11. wyatt means leader and guide :)
    good luck!