Thursday, May 6, 2010

50° – partly cloudy

i’ll take it. anything minus the wind is a-ok with me today. i must get these restless troublemakers outside. i think we’ll head out on a little walk to the store on the corner and pick up some sour cream. a tub of sour cream for the gigantic bag of ruffles you see below. ask babe-in-belly how those made it into our shopping cart. (and don’t tell my mother.)

boatttty 016 hey jade- remember when your babe-in-belly only wanted little cherry pies? i would sneak you to the store so you could eat them in the car.
hey natalie- remember when your pretzel-in-the-oven only wanted alfalfa? speaking of presley… four years ago today you were probably downing a glass of superfood + smart water.
hey christine – remember four years ago when you took nat to the hospital and they said “she’s having her baby – now!” and you said, “hey now! wait just a second!” – and then that little was here.

i miss my sisters.
in a bad way.
but today i’ve got boys.

so we’ll take a walk and have a ruffles picnic. we’ll make a countdown chart: how many sleeps ‘til grammy’s. we’ll think about birthday presents for presley. and i’ll make a list of all the places the babe-in-belly wants to go eat at while we’re there.

happy 50° folks.
love, lindsay


  1. I hear you about getting out of the house. The only reason I ever get out is for church or grocery related activities.

    I never heard back from you on the park....maybe tomorrow?

  2. ya i need some more sunshine in my life. and yes. carson is made of pies, bean burritos, chocolate milk and cinnamon poptarts... how could i forget... haha!

  3. I sooooo here you on needing to get out of the house. I have to be at my house monday-friday 9am-5pm because of my job. Can we say cabin fever?

    Yesterday I took finn and Adeline to the grocery store so we could buy ingredients to make "gun cupcakes" per his request. (really they were just funfetti cupcakes. He is just really obsessed with guns).

    Luckily I get my freedom back in about a week and a half when I get to quit this job.

    Are you going to find out the sex of your baby? I am thinking pink :)

  4. lovely lindsay, would you mind announcing the color of the yell on your table?!

  5. Oh, you must have been on your way to your picnic when I saw you today. How fun!

    And posts like this make me wish I had sisters of my own. What special relationships you must have with one another!

  6. jade- lucas is made up of starbucks double chocolate chunk brownies. nice, huh.

    melissa- the table legs are Valspar's "city chartreuse" and i went a little crazy with that can of paint - i loved it so much. it's everywhere in this house =)

  7. Sisters. They are the best.
    A close second are girl cousins. ♥
    See you in a few weeks!

  8. so happy you got out and about. nothing like good fresh air to clear your mind a bit, huh?

    and the ruffles. i'm having a serious craving...

  9. oh yeah presleyBrynn didnt get many sweets. !
    alfalfa tea tastes like grass, but it did us well!!
    you'll be here soon and im so excited! what does your baby belly want me to cook for dinner?

    ooooh it starts out with 'how many sleeps?' then you're in the car asking 'how many pieces of toast til we're there?'

  10. PS
    alfalfa really did something to my system! havent been nursing for 4 months yet still lactating!!

  11. Ah, pregnancy cravings.

    Too bad for Hannah, but she's made of Tuna Sandwiches, Subway Turkey Sandwiches, and Spaghetti-O's.{yuck}

    Josh is made of brownies, cookies, and cake. {mmmm....}

    Jake is made of oranges and Oreos {1 sleeve at a time}.

    Eva is made of Sausage and Cheese McMuffins, Cafe Rio Pork Salad, and Asparagus.

    What a crazy list of food! It's funny sitting here thinking of all of the different things that I craved with each one.

    Enjoy those chips!

  12. Only 6 more sleeps, Lukey!! Please bring those Ruffles with you.

  13. Noah is made up of Jamba Juice and wheat bread. Gage chocolate chip cookies and spinach salad (but not together).

    Love you Lin!