Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the flying jib – a new venture


last year i was gifted this print in mellow yellow by my oh-so-very talented brother.
he’d cut a stencil himself and spray painted the temple on graffiti style. i loved it.
the perfect way to display some religious art in our home
and still keep to the modern-ish look i was leaning towards in our little place.

after many compliments from friends and visitors,
i’ve convinced him that you all would love to have a piece of his artwork in your homes, too.
so - with a little coaxing he’s set up shop.
in limited quantities.
an original piece of art for your walls.
get ‘em while they’re hot. and before - like he says - the stencil is destroyed.
plus - if this little venture goes well - it might encourage him to create something equally as cool
to stick under the tree for me this year.
get yours here - and quick!

love, lindsay


  1. You're right... very cool. I'll be sure to tell my friends. Good luck to him!

  2. I showed this to Chris and he said, "wow. Those are cool...kinda "obama-ish" " Haha.

    Great work though- I'm considering...although I better hurry I think.

  3. Love it! Your whole family has talent. Love you Lindsay, I think you are GRRRRREAT!