Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a serious case of all-cooped-up

 get outside 022 get outside 025 

in case you were wondering:
we’ve taken this still-in-our-pajama’s-at-noon party
added some boots, some cousins…
and headed out to the backyard.
it’s awesome.


i’m missing my family terribly.
wishing my boys and i had a lunch date at the rusted sun that we needed to be on our way to.
wishing that regg and pretz and jack would be waiting for us there.

or at least…

wishing andrey could’ve  called in “sick” and would’ve stayed home to join us for some serious kickball.
pajamas vs. skins.


  1. Those are my favorite kind of days to have...it's hard now but you and your boys will always remember them fondly.

    Enjoy your game!

  2. i was wishing you came to gateway with me today to see the cools things with me. im really excited to see your face and gavin. but i wish luc was coming. carson would go nuts.

  3. P.J.'s vs. Skins...you are too cute! I hope your game helped you get rid of the cooped up blues.

  4. :( I will be starting the "serious case of all cooped up" next week...

  5. Hi Lindsay,

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