Wednesday, December 17, 2008

click. click. click. flash!

a weekend spent in the mountains with my parents. christmas is just around the corner. a new fresh babe on the way. and my camera is busted. perfect timing, eh. if it wasn't completely on the fritz - i'd have pictures to show you. just picture this:

*me. 5:30am friday. mittens, scarf, boots. britney's rolling stone cover. all by myself. on an airplane to my mama's house.

*the prettiest bowl of oatmeal brulee at 'eggs in the city.'

*dinner in my sister's new apartment. penne rosa made by nat. cinnamon rolls made by steen. snuggles from pretz.

*scaredy cat faces on me and my mom at the creeeeepiest antique store in the world.

*a room full of different kinds of folks. at the obama 'change is coming' house meeting. briana, mom, me. heads nodding. tears streaming. hope brewing. feeling like i had a 'seat at the table.'

*me and cath leaving 'the children's hour' with beautifully wrapped christmas packages for the kiddies.

*mom, dad, me. i'm an only child for the weekend. eating yummy spaghetti at the kitchen table together. dad reading the paper and me and mom chatting about holiday card visions.

*a prenatal with my mama-midwife. in the pretty yellow bedroom. big round belly and swishy-swooshy happy baby heart beeps.

*staying up waaaay tooo laaate printing and snipping and tying and wrapping our christmas cards.

*me and red dog fast asleep on the couch downstairs. me and red dog climbing the stairs for the comfy bed in the wee hours with sleepy eyes.

*an early bowl of cereal with my dad before he left for work.

*me. 4:00 pm monday. two suitcases stuffed full of wrapped presents. a carry-on with the few items of clothing that still fit. hugging my mama and our yearly holiday adventure good-bye.

*picking up my lukey boy at his cousins. his "i-missed-you-tears" and the biggest snuggle hug. ever.

i better get this memory catching machine fixed. soon.


  1. It was delicious! Every single minute of it. Record this in your heart too: You and Dad putting up the tree(waaaay late in the season). Thanks for nudging me out of the immobilized, empty holiday nest place I had perched for a minute. I love you sooo much and Lukey for sharing you and Andrey for supporting and Little Darlin' for coming with.

  2. So, does this mean you are home??? Because I have some tunes for you, if you are.

  3. I LOOOOOOVE your memory catching machine!!! Can I rent yours for the weekend? :[)

  4. i just realised that my shirt is on backwards. its just a plain white shirt.... but the neck has been choking me all morning and when i went to elave you a comment i realized. backwards. come back over. i made some sugar cookies.