Monday, August 29, 2011

a spoonful of bravery

Back-to-School Sundaes 2012 can be seen here.

tomorrow we send him out into the world.
in his pocket will be:
and all of our love.

today i found myself on my knees. 
several times throughout the day.
a heavy day. a heavy heart. 
my list of heartache is long.

over lunch lucas said to me:
how does heavenly father see everybody? 
i just can't believe it... isn't it just so awesome?
did you know that jesus blessed all those kids? 
they didn't think that he would 
but he said, yeah, come on over here.

the answer to my prayers, my boy.

am thinking: he's going to be just fine.

tomorrow we send him out into the world.
in my pocket will be:

that entire jar of hot fudge.


  1. oh, our mama hearts. so strong, but so so tender. your words are sweet and heartbreaking today, probably exactly how you're feeling. wishing you luck and love and a happy, excited little lucas at the end of his first day - it seems that when they are confident, we can be too. XO

  2. you will pace and worry and wonder until he walk out that school door, with a smile, and you will all be o.k.
    just know, i'll be over here doing the same until a piece of my heart gets off the school bus at the end of the day...

  3. we started the third grade this year and the first day is still a struggle for me, but 2:45p is the best time of day! good luck mama.

  4. what a great interpretation of the 'back to school feast'!! love it.

    good luck. mom's usually need it more than the child!

  5. He {and you} will do fabulously well. Have a spoonful for me!

  6. tears coming out right now, that is like word for word our lesson on sunday your boy really gets it and I'm not just saying that because he's my nephew.

  7. there are still two more years before mine spreads her wings, and already I get teary hearing about all you brave mama's sending your little ones out.

    bravery tastes good.

  8. I'm sitting here, in my jammies at 8:17 pm with tears streaming down my face. What a beautiful teacher that sweet Lucas is.

    I happened to be at the school right as the afternoon classes were going in. I thought about waiting for you to come out and giving you a giant mama hug. I really wish I would have followed through on that thought...

    I think I like your take on the back to school feast the very best of all. You are a true mothering example to me, Lindsay. I love you!