Monday, January 19, 2009

"teach your children well" -CSN

he is absorbing new bits of information faster than i can keep up.

it felt so good this morning to be a real part of this holiday.
this martin luther king junior day.
not just a day off.
a day of no mail.
school cancelled.
banks closed.
a day of true reflection.
and celebration.
a powerful event.
a quick minute to teach my boy about something very important.
he learned a new name today.
of a special man.

and i am grateful to have shared a moment of gratitude with my boy on my lap.

"...h-h-h-hey mom, remember today when we rang our bells for martin-lu-lu-luther-king? remember when we clapped our hands and sang?"


  1. I loved it- looking around and seeing my grandbabies ringing their bells. I cried a little singing the national anthem as I scanned the faces in the hopeful crowd. Let freedom ring!

  2. That comment was from me, Cath the Grammy, not Lindsay the Lovely

  3. Thanks for this really great post. Loved it.

  4. wow, I honestly never thought I really explaining yesterday to the boys! They really are like sponges right now, good for you to be teaching history so early. I need to do more of that.

  5. When Martin Luther King Jr. comes on the TV, radio, etc...his voice is so powerful that Tyce just stops. He has since the first time he heard that voice! He can now tell you when he sees Dr. King's image or hears his voice that he was a "very brave man and he lives with Heavenly Father now"

    The innocence of children brings a tear to my eyes.

  6. Tell me more about this event. What was it? Where was it?

  7. Glad you got to take Luke there. One of my favorite memories was taking my kids to march for immigrant rights here in Phoenix 2 years ago. I pulled them out of school/preschool and taught them why we were marching and they seemed to really enjoy the experience of learning about the people around us, affected by so many thousands of people marching and chanting in unison. I need to do this more. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I love how my 2 year old knows obama and says Barack Obama every time she sees or hears about him.