Friday, September 5, 2008

"home is where one starts from." -t.s. elliot

five gratefuls:
::the swish-swish-swoosh of a healthy baby heart today::
::a box full of journals. my adventures, travels and heartaches. all in one place::
::cravings. ham sandwiches, grape bubble gum and cheerios::
::the jayhawks singing "all the right reasons"::
::lucas's shiny red toenails. {don't ask}::

your turn.
love, lin


  1. I know those shiny red boy toenails well. Hee hee.. Hooray for the horsie gallop of a strong heartbeat.. Boom Boom Boom!

    Beautiful things to be grateful for.


  2. Love the heartbeat. Cute 5. So sweet.

  3. *the iPod tunes you loaded for me. they made me run!
    *home-made pizza tonight with reno.
    *a nice niece who let me go to yoga last night
    *greenies tomorrow.
    *when they play "ain't no mountain high enough" at fred meyer

  4. to be grateful for: (today's list - in no particular order)

    three babies who love me and the sloppy kisses they give

    rain for my new plants (thank you Hanna)

    a husband who adores me and tolerates my bad days

    the ability to take care of my family and give them what they need

    friends who stick with me and the good times I have with them


    the kindness of perfect strangers